Schultz Collins, Inc. affiliates with HighTower Advisors, LLC

We are pleased to announce that on September 17, 2019, Schultz Collins entered into an agreement to affiliate with HighTower Advisors, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm headquartered in Chicago, supporting independently‑managed affiliate investment advisory practices across the United States, which together provide investment advice to over $80 billion in client assets. This change will… Read more »

Financial Exploitation

This essay provides a brief description of fraud and exploitation risks that investors are more and more likely to encounter. It concludes by outlining a coordinated effort, encompassing several new programs, which Schultz Collins, Inc. [SCI] has begun to implement. Our goal is to keep your money safe. The essay is, in some ways, a… Read more »

Change in Custody Rule for Assets

A No Action letter released by the SEC in February 2017 clarified its interpretation of the rule1 for asset custody. Quoting from a précis on the subject prepared by Fidelity Investments: The SEC has clarified that an adviser who has the power to disburse client funds to a third party under a standing letter of… Read more »

Money Market Reform: What You Should Know

The ubiquitous money market mutual fund has been a hot topic at the U.S. Treasury Department and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) since the Great Recession and Financial Crisis of 2008/2009. The Government’s concerns are based on actions taken by institutional investors during the crisis when a large institutional money market fund could no longer… Read more »

Selecting Vendors for Your Defined Contribution Plan

Individuals responsible for their company’s qualified retirement plan face numerous difficult decisions when selecting plan service vendors. As technologies change, and as plan sponsors seek to shift additional responsibilities to external vendors, the complexity of the assignment increases. In selecting providers for the plan, each vendor’s fees, capabilities and experience must be assessed in each… Read more »

Pound Foolish

It is interesting to observe how financial industry trade journals reacted to the recent publication of the book Pound Foolish, by financial columnist Helaine Olen. The book has mostly been condemned as a biased example of muckraking journalism (although Business Week has given it a fair review). But only a few trade publications have even… Read more »