Welcome. If you are a fiduciary, or a professional advisor to a fiduciary, we hope you consider using our services.

Stewardship of wealth is a huge responsibility.

Your decisions regarding portfolio design, asset management, and periodic distributions have profound effects. If you make decisions about assets that belong to a trust, endowment, foundation or corporation, you may be acting in a fiduciary capacity. We can help you invest with the “care, skill and caution” required of a fiduciary. In addition to our specialized knowledge of trust, endowment and foundation investment policy, our many years of experience providing litigation support services gives us a unique perspective on courses of action suitable for investors acting in a fiduciary capacity.

We help you avoid many of the pitfalls that can cause financial and legal difficulties. Not only do we understand the issues fiduciaries frequently face, but we can help resolve them successfully through objective analysis and advice.


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We don’t divide our loyalties between our clients and providers of investment products. That could make a big difference to you.

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