Money Market Reform: What You Should Know

The ubiquitous money market mutual fund has been a hot topic at the U.S. Treasury Department and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) since the Great Recession and Financial Crisis of 2008/2009. The Government’s concerns are based on actions taken by institutional investors during the crisis when a large institutional money market fund could no longer… Read more »

Course Notes for USF Masters of Science in Financial Analysis

School of Management 746: 2014 Portfolio Management Notes to Readers The following pages are my course syllabus and course lecture notes for the course in Portfolio Management offered to the 2014 cohort seeking a Masters of Science degree in Financial Analysis at the University of San Francisco.  The notes are not a stand-alone exposition.  Rather,… Read more »

Chicken Little and the Financial Crisis

The pipe dream of all investors is to achieve attractive investment return with little or no risk. Some financial firms capitalize on this dream by shaping their marketing campaigns accordingly. The implication is that the firm has the expertise to identify forthcoming market declines—the new catchphrase is “market bubbles”—and to guide investors safely through periods… Read more »