Course Notes for USF Masters of Science in Financial Analysis

School of Management 746: 2014 Portfolio Management

Notes to Readers

The following pages are my course syllabus and course lecture notes for the course in Portfolio Management offered to the 2014 cohort seeking a Masters of Science degree in Financial Analysis at the University of San Francisco.  The notes are not a stand-alone exposition.  Rather, they assume that you have read the books and articles listed in the course syllabus.  Much of the required reading is taken from the book—available from—Managing Investment Portfolios: A Dynamic Process (Third Edition) Maginn, Tuttle, Pinto & McLeavey.  This is the text used for several Level III courses in the CFA program.  This said, the notes present coherent discussions of many topics of interest to investors and investment professionals.  Therefore, it is my opinion that a reader can benefit from them without reading the underlying academic documents.

I have taught this course, in various iterations, over a ten-year period.  The 2014 lecture notes contain examples of previous final exam questions.  Several complete exam question sets are located at the very end of the lecture notes.  If you are thinking of becoming a do-it-yourself investor, you might like to try your hand at answering the exam questions prior to launching a live investment portfolio.  An ounce of prevention….

Although the course lecture notes appear on the Schultz Collins website, I own the copyright for them.  They are not a work product of Schultz Collins and do not reflect the views of the company or any of its employees other than myself.  Indeed, they are written purely for pedagogical purposes and, during class discussions, I sometimes modify the conclusions and opinions expressed herein.  My copy of the course lecture notes includes copious marginalia that I use to promote in-class discussions.  This dimension is, of course, missing from these notes.  If USF decides to record the class for dissemination, the video may, someday, become available on the website.



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