2019 Q3 Quarterly Update

Global equity markets muddled along through the quarter with little change. The MSCI All Country World Index, a barometer of equity-market performance throughout the developed and emerging countries, ended the quarter up 0.10%, bringing the year to date returns for the index to 16.71%. Examining some important components of that Index, we find that the… Read more »

2019 Q2 Quarterly Update

In the second quarter of 2019, global equity markets continued to move higher, despite concerns of slowing global growth. The MSCI All Country World Index, a barometer of equity-market performance throughout the developed and emerging countries, posted a healthy 3.80% return for the quarter, bringing the year to date returns for the index to 16.60%…. Read more »

2019 Q1 Quarterly Update

Global equity markets rebounded in the first quarter of 2019, and have now recovered almost all the losses they suffered in the last quarter of 2018.  Some have attributed market advances in the first quarter of 2019 to the decision of the Federal Open Market Committee to pause its “quantitative tightening” program, signaling Fed fund… Read more »

2018 Q4 Quarterly Update

The markets gave us a reminder these past few months that they can and do decline, sometimes with little warning and astonishing rapidity. After more than nine years of fairly consistent upward movement, all major stock indices were in the red for both the fourth quarter and the year. Some of the popular indices whipsawed… Read more »

2018 Q3 Quarterly Update

Domestic large caps supplanted shares of smaller companies on the leaderboard this past quarter; the return for the thirty companies comprising the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell just shy of double digits, registering in at 9.63%, whereas the broader S&P 500 registered a respectable 7.71% for the period. While bested, shares in smaller companies still… Read more »

2018 Q2 Quarterly Update

Shares in larger domestic firms registered positive returns for the quarter with the Dow Jones Industrials up 1.26% and the S&P 500 advancing 3.43% for the ninety-day period. Small company stocks in the U.S. were the stellar performers for the quarter with a 7.75% return for the Russell 2000 Index. Measured in local currency larger… Read more »

2018 Q1 Quarterly Update

Back to normal: That may be one way to describe the recent volatility in the equity markets, following last year’s unusually steady upward trending stock returns. The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) had one of its largest increases ever, surging 80% during the first quarter amid investor concerns about inflation, rising interest rates and global trade… Read more »

2017 Q4 Quarterly Update

By now we expect that you are aware that both the domestic and foreign equity markets enjoyed impressive results last year. The S&P 500 gained 21.8% for the12-month period and the Russell 2000 index of smaller U.S. companies was up 14.6%. In foreign markets, the MSCI Europe Index returned 25.6% for the year, aided by… Read more »

2017 Q3 Quarterly Update

The world’s equity markets combined to produce strong returns during this year’s third quarter. The S&P 500 gained 4.48% and the MSCI EAFE Index of foreign stocks advanced 5.47%. Over the trailing 12 months, the MSCI All Country World Index has gained a remarkable 18.99%, after adjusting for foreign currency translation. Fixed income markets have… Read more »

2017 Q2 Quarterly Update

Stock prices continued their ascent in the second quarter, adding to the positive returns posted earlier in the year. The S&P 500 Index gained just over 3.0% for the three-month interval, pushing the year-to-date return to 9.3%. Following their stellar returns in 2016, share prices of smaller U.S. companies did not fare quite so well…. Read more »