Individuals & Families Client

Portfolio Design

A well-designed portfolio is greater than the sum of its parts.

We spend a great deal of time analyzing the behavior of various investments. But in order to know whether to use them, we evaluate their impact on your overall portfolio. A security that looks attractive in isolation might increase portfolio risk to an unacceptable degree.

We apply the best evidence from academic research in the fields of economics, finance, and statistics to develop coherent and practical strategies for combining disparate assets into a viable whole. The goal is to design a portfolio tailored to you.

Each portfolio we supervise is unique. The structure of your portfolio will depend on your investment objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and other preferences. We record all these factors in a written Investment Policy Statement [IPS]. The IPS serves as a strategic blueprint, establishing a procedure for making rational, defensible investment decisions on the basis of available information.

Asset management is a continuous series of decisions. Our primary job is to help you make your decisions intelligent, dispassionate, and prudent.