Institutional Client

Consultation & Education

The education of our clients is the foundation of all our wealth management services. As your co-fiduciary, we sit on your side of the table. We give you an unbiased perspective, to help you appreciate the concepts of prudence and fiduciary duty as they relate to investment activities, understand critical aspects of investing and managing portfolio assets, and evaluate the credibility of your current investment decision making process.

Here are some of the issues we can help you understand:

  • An advisor should be willing to serve as co-fiduciary with respect to all aspects of the engagement—not just portfolio design.
  • Knowing what can go wrong is often more important than knowing what might go right. Our analysis can show you your likelihood of failure, as well as success.
  • Cost control is far more difficult than it sounds, and more important than it seems. We are expert at exposing and eliminating unnecessary fees, charges and expenses.
  • Diversification carries great benefits, but there are circumstances under which it may not be prudent.