Institutional Client

Corporate Reserves

Executives charged with managing a pool of assets earmarked for special future projects – or retained to improve a balance sheet, or to compensate for risk in other activities of an enterprise – must sometimes meet contradictory mandates: generate current return, and control the risk that assets will not suffice when they are needed. Our analysis, portfolio design and supervision can help you strike a proper balance.

Our services relating to the management of corporate reserve assets include:

  • Developing strategic investment plans for reserve asset pools.
  • Modeling expected risk and return characteristics of various asset allocation strategies and management approaches.
  • Identifying probabilities that the reserve asset pool will be able to achieve its economic objectives under various scenarios.
  • Drafting investment policy in support of the selected allocation and management approach.
  • Selecting funds or managers for underlying reserve pool assets.
  • Evaluating and monitoring performance.