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At Schultz Collins, you’re integral to the investment decision-making process. As investment counsel, our business involves the supervision of custom portfolios designed specifically for each client. Schultz Collins is committed to understanding your goals and we work diligently to help you achieve them.

We base our investment recommendations on a deep understanding of financial economics, financial services, and the legal landscape. We’re non-discretionary, meaning all investment decisions are made with the knowledge and participation of our clients. Once we become familiar with your distinct life goals, needs, and circumstances, we help you understand the different possible outcomes of your investment portfolio, evaluate the risk involved in each alternative, and determine the best fit for you.

We Deliver:

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We recognize that clients prefer to make decisions based on facts and data rather than investment predictions and stories that elicit fear or greed.


We believe a good decision-making process significantly improves the odds of a successful outcome.  We explore a variety of solution paths to help enhance the likelihood of financial success.


Based on your level of interest, we provide resources to help you learn about the factors that can contribute to the successful management of your wealth.


We update our recommendations on an ongoing basis to accommodate changes in your circumstances, as well as help you capitalize on new and emerging options the financial markets offer.

Our Clients

Individuals and Families

We focus on helping individuals and families make prudent, rational, informed and intelligent investment decisions. We help you understand how the markets work and explain the pros and cons of each investment option. Every client is different, and so is every portfolio we supervise.

Institutional Investors

We help you invest with the care, skill and caution required of a fiduciary. In addition to our specialized knowledge of trust, endowment and foundation investment policy, our many years of experience providing litigation support gives us an uncommon perspective on courses of action suitable for investors acting in a fiduciary capacity.


Learn more about managing your portfolio and understanding markets by viewing our client resources. Stay up to date and check out our most recent presentations.

About Schultz Collins

Our primary business is the supervision of portfolios for retirement plans, institutions, and individual investors. We supervise or consult on approximately $1.06 billion in client assets (as of 12/31/21). We began serving clients in January 1995.

Our principals and advisors have an average of over 25 years of investment and financial services experience. Entirely fee-based, Schultz Collins adheres rigorously to the fiduciary standard, and we’re nationally known for our deep knowledge of and experience with fiduciary issues.

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