Individuals and Families

We believe investment success is not about what to buy, but how to plan. Understanding the potential consequences of different solution paths is key to making successful investment decisions.

It’s important to understand what you are doing before you invest, but asset management should also adapt to changing circumstances after you invest. We don’t tell you how to invest and what to buy, and then leave you alone. An intelligent investment process requires continuous evaluation and improvement.

We’ll guide you through the decisions you must make. We’ll answer your questions and help you understand what you’re doing.

Our primary objective is to help you avoid a bad decision-making process.

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Our Approach

For Individuals and Families

We focus on helping our clients make prudent, rational, informed, and intelligent investment decisions.

You will not hear us talk about the deal of the day or the 10 funds to own now. We give you scientifically justified methods designed to help increase the probability of a more successful outcome.

Understanding Consequences

We help you understand how markets work, and explain the pros and cons of each investment alternative.

Our interactive risk modeling helps you test portfolio strategies before they are implemented. WealthCaster® can show you the likelihood that a given portfolio can support a schedule of projected future distributions.

Defining Preferences

Once you’ve decided on the overall strategy that fits your situation, we help you understand and answer critical questions:

  • How much should the portfolio distribute? When, and to whom?

  • Should distributions change in response to market fluctuations?

  • How should the portfolio be adapted to your tax situation?

  • When is it appropriate to consider changes in strategy?

We document your preferences and use them to guide us, and you, in the future supervision of your portfolio.

An Investment Policy that Adapts to You

Your investment policy should not respond so much to market fluctuations as to changes in your circumstances: marriage, retirement, inheritance, and the like. A flexible investment policy also addresses changes in the financial industry, the global economy, and your attitude about risk.

Any of these factors can indicate a revision to your investment policy is needed. We work to understand their implications and advise you accordingly.

Controlling Costs

There’s no reason to pay more than is necessary to put your money to work, but portfolio expenses can be deeply buried and difficult to ascertain. We excel at discovering hidden costs and are adamant about reducing them.

Our Services

Individuals and Families

Everything we do is driven by the best interests of our clients. We don’t sell products. We provide advice. We won’t ask you to choose from a handful of proprietary portfolios. Every client is different, and so is every portfolio we supervise. Clients construct their portfolios using an interactive approach that leverages our proprietary WealthCaster™ software.

Institutional Client Services

Fiduciaries have a legal responsibility to do things properly. The services we offer help ensure you meet this mandate.

Retirement Plan Sponsor Services

Our team has professional experience with the operational aspects of a retirement plan, and the services we offer reflect their consultative acumen.

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