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Stewardship of wealth is a huge responsibility.

Your decisions regarding portfolio design, asset management, and periodic distributions have profound effects. If you make decisions about assets that belong to a trust, endowment, foundation or corporation, you may be acting in a fiduciary capacity. We can help you invest with the care, skill and caution required of a fiduciary. In addition to our specialized knowledge of trust, endowment and foundation investment policy, our many years of experience providing litigation support gives us an uncommon perspective on courses of action suitable for investors acting in a fiduciary capacity.

We help you avoid many of the pitfalls that can cause financial and legal difficulties. Not only do we understand the issues fiduciaries frequently face, but we can help resolve them successfully through objective analysis and advice.

We don't divide our loyalties between our clients and providers of investment products. That could make a big difference to you.

"Our goal is to give you enough insight so that, as a fiduciary, you can understand your investments rather than passively default to an advisor's recommendations."

For Institutional Investors
The fiduciary standard has two dimensions: conduct and competence.

Our investment counsel for trusts, endowments, foundations and enterprises consists of five elements.

  • Exploring Solution Paths

  • Test Driving Preferences

  • Evaluating Distribution Policies

  • Responding to Change

  • Adhering to Fiduciary Standards

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Services for Trusts, Endowments, Foundations & Enterprises

From exploring various solution paths to responding to change, we look forward to assisting you in any of the following areas:

Investment Analysis

Investing requires informed decisions. A prudent trustee invests with care, skill, and caution. It's a demanding standard, but you needn't feel overwhelmed; we're adept at facilitating the process.

Portfolio Sufficiency Evaluation

Portfolio management in the face of fluctuating investment returns and cash flows can be a complex undertaking. How can you increase your probability of long-term financial success? We believe it starts by partnering with us.

Consultation & Education

There is a profound difference between advice based on sound economic theory and advice designed to speed a client through the planning process to a quick buying decision. We excel at teaching clients about the economic consequences of various solution paths. 

Litigation Support

We help attorneys evaluate and prepare cases dealing with fiduciary breach allegations and have seen many of the mistakes trustees make. Legal counsel benefits from our depth of education, training and experience; our awareness of the pitfalls in portfolio administration supports fiduciaries.


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