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Ken McMurray

Portfolio Administrator


Portfolio Administrator

Ken McMurray has worked in the Information Technology industry for over 35 years. He has consulted with all sizes of companies, mostly in the finance industry. He worked with Schultz Collins for over 25 years, managing their IT infrastructure and advising them with respect to numerous other business operations issues. In 2022, he worked to help DHR Investment Counsel as they prepared for their merger with Schultz Collins. With the rest of the DHR team, he joined Schultz Collins as an employee, facilitating every aspect of the operational integration with DHR. He now works primarily in operations, with a primary focus in client facing portfolio administration – although he is still deeply involved in handling IT related issues.

Mr. McMurray holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona. He also holds MCP, MCSE and MCSA credentials from Microsoft.

Ken is an expert scuba diver, diving instructor, and marine photographer. Some of his submarine photos are on display in our Orinda office. He also enjoys photography above water, being in the outdoors, and playing soccer.


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